As the business grew, the founder of the company started to explore other avenues of growth for the company which is when the business found a niche in the Dental Industry, creating Ashtel Dental. We specialized in converting offices from film to digital. Our business was very unique, as we provided solutions to everyday problems a dental professional would face when trying to digitized their practices. Within a few years, the company expanded and was servicing over 10,000 dental practices nationwide.

Brush Buddies

During a trip to China, we came across a manufacture of toothbrushes and visited their factory. After understanding the entire manufacturing process of a toothbrush we started to explore the oral care category to see where if there was an opportunity of growth in this category. After years of research and development we formed our next division, Brush Buddies.


With the success of the brand with consumers around the world, the brand has grown year after year. At this time we decided to expand the line as well as the categories we cater to in the market. Soniclean was the next big innovation in powered toothbrushes.

Smart Care

We formed Smart Care, an entire line of everyday products at economical prices. This line has expanded faster than any other brand we have launched to date.

Step Buddies and Sleepin’ Buddies

Over the next few years we will be expanded our brands into new categories such as Toys, and Shoes. Never did we imaging when we started Ashtel we would end up here today. We started our business with a very simple dream or developing websites, over the years opportunities came across our way and has help excel our growth as a company and as a brand around the world. With distribution in over 50+ countries around the world we see no limit to what we will be launching next...